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There is no one size fits all when it comes to protecting your valuables.  Based in in the UK, US, EU (Belgium) and Japan and with professional global collaborations in Indonesia, Mexico, Lebanon and Pakistan,  HTMA  is dedicated to building and supporting information and physical resilience solutions for all organization types including; government entities, schools, universities, faith-based entities, international NGOs, High Net Worth (HNW) Individuals  and commercial companies.  We offer comprehensive support solutions for HQ and overseas field projects, programs and business designed to protect your business at all levels. 


HTMA Consulting can provide accessible, professional, responsive and bespoke physical risk and crisis management solutions to support clients in their drive for overall Duty of Care services as well as protection for:


  • Staff  (including family members for some clients)

  • Assets

  • Operations

  • Business Contnuity

  • Information Operations Assets

  • Reputation

  • Extortion and Kidnapping Situations

Many companies and organizations often grow without recognizing their inherent need to manage duty of care obligations for staff, assets, business continuity and reputation. While they increasingly rely on advisors and technology to expand their capabilities and market share internationally, companies and organisations often don't do enough to promote resilience for the very people and products at the core of their success. Making your company or organisation robust enough to manage a crisis should  not be expensive and it should not take a huge amount of internal effort.  Request a free online assessment at


HTMA uses cutting edge and cost efficient mobile collaborations to provide fungible solutions to your cyber and physical risk and Duty of Care concerns by offering access to professional, experienced and highly trained physical risk managers who will provide proactive, reactive and resilience building security services within your budget and timeline, such as:


  • Mentoring Security Focal Points, preparing Threat Assessments

  • Providing a training platform for staff, supporting your company/organisation during and after an emergency 

  • Capacity building for national and international safety, security and crisis management staff

  • Adding capacity during an emergency or additional requirements 

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