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Intelligence Information Aggregation and Strategic Guidance for Complex Economical, Geo-Political and Strategic Environments

The way we think delivers different and clear analysis; Clients are not ‘talked at’ but participate in the process. The core principals of HTMA Consulting bring deep experience in scenario-building, in alternate futures exercises, in optimizing physical security, and specific knowledge areas including – energy, commodity, defense markets as well as foreign media. Their regional expertise flows from long residence and relationships in specific areas.

Security & Intelligence Training Courses

HTMA professional consultants have produced and trained intelligence courses to a wide variety of government and commercial organizations and in a wide variety of locations ranging from Las Vegas to Mogadishu and Kabul. - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Safety & Security courses are offered as part of the Security Management course list, which has been very popular with iNGO field staff and commercial entities. Recent courses include centralized training in the UK and Turkey as well as field training and capacity building in countries of the client's choosing. Recent examples include: Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Pakistan and South Sudan. Many security courses can include online training and post-course mentoring. Intelligence courses can vary from online to interactive 2 week advanced Human Intelligence courses.

Crisis Planning

Crisis and Incident Preparation, Training and Testing as well as Crisis Management team training, Investigations, and Security Audits and Reviews. We are all aware that when running offices overseas, the likelihood of an incident, emergency or crisis occurring is high. Preparation and planning is critical to reducing the impact of an emergency, starting with proactive planning and Crisis/Incident team training at the HQ and Field levels.

Embedded Security and/or Intelligence Professionals

Clients often want their risk management tailored to their specific needs and available as soon as an (potential) emergency is identified. A potential emergency may be a forewarning of a likely terrorist attack in a city where you have business or an emergency warning of a serious road accident or missing staff member. An embedded professional who works closely with your business or organization on a daily basis can not only support your business in those critical hours until the Crisis Management Team is operational, he/she can immediately start rounding up support and information.

Crisis Management

At the field or HQ levels, being able to quickly and credibly respond to an incident, emergency or crisis will greatly improve staff and asset safety as well as improving your ability to continue to operate and protect your reputation. HTMA can teach and support your company or organization to amongst other things identify and prioritize the threats, assess your vulnerabilities and help clients build comprehensive safety and security plans as well as ensure proper training and emergency procedures.

Remote Risk Management Solutions

Cost Effective & Integrated Risk Management Models for Your Organization. Real People, Real Solutions, When You Need Them.- HTMA physical Risk Managers are highly experienced in all regions of the world and have managed a wide range of serious safety and security incidents and emergencies from evacuations to earthquakes and kidnappings. They are also highly trained and professionally certified to US and/or UK standards.

K&R- Risk Management and Recovery Services

HTMA staff has considerable experience in dealing with high profile abduction cases across the MENA Region as well as South and East Asia. HTMA further has a very long track record of working on high profile cases of illicit detention or arrest across the Middle East, former Soviet Union and South Asia. HTMA can also provide kidnap awareness training as part of its Security Awareness packages for clients, families and their staff. This service has been especially well received by a range of institutions operating in high threat areas where the threat of illegal detention or kidnap is possible.

Gap Analysis & Training

HTMA offers discreet services that helps clients understand where they may have gaps in their Risk Management & Duty of Care cover. These gaps or vulnerabilities are frequently exploitable by criminals or hostile actors and should be identified as quickly as possible to reduce the risk to staff, assets, operations, continuity and reputation. In addition to the identification of vulnerabilities, HTMA professional consultants will provide cost effective and scaled recommendations and will help with the implementation of additional measures wherenecessary.

Electronic & Network Analysis Services and Physical & Tech Capability Overview

HTMA Consulting has experiance in assisting clients with mobile, Wi-Fi, radio-frequency and other communications network function and traffic analysis and monitoring. Please contact HTMA staff for details.

Maritime Security

HTMA Consulting, is pleased to offer comprehensive Maritime Security services on a worldwide basis. We offer both training, information and risk assessments as well as the provision of both armed and unarmed security personnel.

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