Electronic and Network Analysis


HTMA Consulting has experiance in assisting clients with mobile, Wi-Fi, radio-frequency and other communications network function and traffic analysis and monitoring. Please contact HTMA staff for details. 


Physical & Tech Capability Statement


HTMA Consulting has the proven capability to place trained and equipped consultants into environments which are often described as challenging or hostile for any variety of reasons, and are usually areas where the client cannot operate freely or openly.HTMA consultants have the training to not only gather information of interest from an Intelligence Requirement (IR) ‘shopping list’, they further have the ability to talent spot potential sources of information and gather complex electronic data using low-profile sensitive but unclassified environmental sniffing tools. Consultants can be a combination of expats, third country nationals and local nationals (using a developed network of
vetted individuals) depending upon the Information Requirement (IR) and the overall scope profile and physical and/or electronic data can be gathered simultaneously:


- Physical information gathering: often, clients are interested in day-today information that can be gathered on a one-off or persistent (daily, weekly, monthly…) basis depending upon the IR, which can be anything from facility and employee risk assessments, market prices and route studies, to hotel, office and accommodation availability or pricing. Recent examples for this service include project setup budgeting and security build for large projects in Burkina Faso, China and Nigeria as well as
more sensitive data gathering in the DPRK.


- HUMINT Resource Management: this service can be run in country or remotely and can include talent spotting parallel to IR requirements as well as full source management and handling. Recent examples include source management in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Syria, and Libya.


- Electronic Data Gathering – live: this service includes the collection of electronic data such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPRS and LTE availability and spread, which is extremely valuable to some client types.For obvious reasons, data collection is extremely low profile and undetectable and can be managed remotely.It does not require large or bulky specialized equipment.An example of areas of use includes China, DPRK, Iran and typically hard-to-operate areas anywhere in the world. 


- Electronic Data Gathering – persistent: some clients wish to use their own data gathering equipment, which can be deployed by HTMA using vetted properties and providers around the world who manage the property while the equipment gathers data as per the client’s scope.Recent examples for this use include; Mali, Ethiopia and Libya.