Gap Analysis & Training

Gap Analysis & Training

HTMA offers discreet services that helps clients understand where they may have gaps in their Risk Management & Duty of Care cover..  These gaps or vulnerabilities are frequently exploitable by criminals or hostile actors and should be identified as quickly as possible to reduce the risk to staff, assets, operations, continuity and reputation.  In addition to the identification of vulnerabilities, HTMA professional consultants will provide cost effective and scaled recommendations and will help with the implementation of additional measures where necessary.  HTMA can also offer significant training packages for advanced training and capacity building,  including: 


  • HQ and field office Safety & Security

  • Journey Management

  • Staff awareness training

  • Integrated Cyber and Physical security

  • Crisis Management & Response

  • Insurance - gap analysis

  • Crisis Management Team (CMT) building and training

  • Safety & Security Focal Point (SSFP) training

  • Security Management training

  • Bespoke Safety, Security and Risk Management reviews and investigations

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