Kidnap, Ransom & Detention

Kidnap, Ransom and Detention: Risk Management and Recovery Services

HTMA staff has considerable experience in dealing with high profile abduction cases across the MENA Region as well as South and East Asia. HTMA further has a very long track record of working on high profile cases of illicit detention or arrest across the Middle East, former Soviet Union and South Asia.  HTMA can also provide kidnap awareness training as part of its Security Awareness packages for clients, families and their staff.  This service has been especially well received by a range of institutions operating in high threat areas where the threat of illegal detention or kidnap is possible. 

Additional services include safety gap analysis in conjunction with insurance providers and threat identification, measuring and prioritising services to ensure that potential targets are aware of the threats and how to avoid, minimise or avoid them.  


Physical and electronic security measures include specific risk managers, close/executive protection, defensive and offensive driving, surveillance awareness and counter surveillance and environmental sweeping and analysis for hostile/aggressor group identification in new an/or current locations.