Security-Intelligence Information Aggregation and Strategic Advice and Guidance for Complex Economical, Geo-Political and Strategic Environments Across the Globe

The way we think delivers different and clear analysis; Clients are not ‘talked at’ but participate in the process. The core principals  of HTMA Consulting bring deep experience in scenario-building, in alternate futures exercises, in optimizing physical security, and specific knowledge areas – energy, defense markets, foreign media, crime and extortion, terrorism and insurgencies. Our regional expertise flows from long residence, deployments and friendships in specific areas. HTMA associates dissect business/political/social ‘facts’, and redefine the labels ‘relevant’ and irrelevant’; HTMA GOES-TO-SOURCE, reflecting its combined financial, political/ security investigative and field experience. Using these tools, HTMA both rounds out simplifications and simplifies abstractions.

HTMA works one-on-one with each client to obtain a clear and comprehensive intelligence picture of potential geo-political, strategic and institutional risks. We develop, individually, with each client procedures and strategies that reduce or help manage those potential risks. We design solutions to meet each client’s particular needs, including up-to-date proprietary intelligence gathering, analysis of current SIGINT, GEOINT, OSINT, HUMINT, political and business intelligence and information, interpretation of geo-political and social developments, corporate and political profiles, as
well as risk projections for entire regions, nations, specific locations as well as specific projects or ongoing operations. We can further provide the client with an ABI (Activity Based Intelligence) picture of the issue or target in question based on not only the intelligence gathered from multiple sources, but also based on predictive behavioral analysis and data analysis coupled with
AI (Artificial Intelligence) applied to database and media and social monitoring. Moreover, we can facilitate a comprehensive advisory and solutions package in the event of extraordinary circumstances or crises, which cannot be readily managed by the clients mainstream management team or regular staff.

Economic and Socio Political Intelligence and Analysis: HTMA primary area of expertise is
in the field of political, business, economic and socio-political intelligence and analysis. HTMA has access to an extensive network of human sources, proprietary information and actual on the ground political and social intelligence, which is provided by an exceptional network of people as well as
third party sources of information spanning the globe. We act as an intelligence collector and information aggregator with the ability to provide superior information, access and analysis.

HTMA can access information that is relevant and pertinent to its clients and package that information into a client comprehensible and actionable set of steps and items ready for client
consideration or execution. HTMA true contribution, however, is not only in the nature of the introductions and information provided, but also in the comprehensive analysis and unique, proprietary data that it can access on behalf of its clients. HTMA network can often get information or access to data that is difficult to obtain from any other source or network. With access to
properly packaged information of this nature, the client will be better prepared for the economic decision faced or the operating environment it encounters in any particular location. Additionally, we can process information that is relevant on behalf of the client in order to provide him/her with a
project specific analysis. This service will help the client ensure a smoother and more socially integrated operation with fewer potential incidents of economic, political or social discord. It will also provide a clearer risk assessment picture.

Political Risk Consultation:

HTMA provides Political Risk Analysis and Consultation for a broad range of clients to assist them in risk mitigation. By determining what risks clients potentially face and how to diminish them, we aim to provide a more predictable, safer and more stable operating environment. Our aim is to
help our customers (including Government Institutions and Bureaucracies, Cabinet Offices, individual members of Parliament, IGOs, NGOs, corporations and individual investors) evaluate what risk factors could confront them when venturing into a new business area, region, nation or location. This allows clients to make better and more informed decisions, based on a comprehensive
environmental and intelligence risk picture. We can furthermore assist in advocating on our client's behalf in front of pertinent parties.

We pride ourselves on providing a holistic and comprehensive picture of potential risks, which include: economic uncertainty, political instability, drastic and sudden political change, terrorist and
militant groups, political, environmental and social activists, corruption, environmental hazards, legal structure and application issues, basic macro-economic and business conditions, as well as other issue-specific risks. The HTMA team is unique in that it provides its clients with unparalleled
cultural and local knowledge of the nation or area. In addition to providing demographic and national perspective, we also address more sensitive issues in-depth, such as analysis of the local political, social and business environment, ethnic and clan considerations and long simmering political, religious or ethnic tensions. Because we are able to provide the client with this information as part of our holistic approach, we give you an edge in your interactions and help ensure that you avoid potential pitfalls.