Intelligence Training

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Security & Intelligence Training Courses


HTMA professional consultants have produced and trained intelligence courses to a wide variety of government and commercial organisations and in a wide variety of locations ranging from Las Vegas to Mogadishu and Kabul.   


Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Safety & Security courses are offered as part of the Security Management course list, which has been very popular with iNGO field staff and commercial entities. Recent courses include centralised training in the UK and Turkey as well as field training and capacity building in countries of the client's choosing.  Recent examples include: Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Pakistan and South Sudan. Many security courses can include online training and post-course mentoring. 


Intelligence courses can vary from online to interactive 2 week advanced Human Intelligence courses.  An example outline for a five day introductory HUMINT course includes the following:

Example 5 x Day HUMINT Course (Introduction).


The course is designed to be immersive; 50% learning and 50% practical to train students in the practical skills off source management.   The course is designed to work throughout the day and into
the evening to ensure that a maximum time is allowed for practical work and students will work withing 4 x person teams to experience best practise working in high risk areas.  Evenings areusually set aside for training/recon/meetings.  Course timings will be 0800-2200daily, MON-FRI.   The main areas of focus will be:
- Intelligence & Reporting, Information Requirments (IRs)
- Interview techniques and strategies

- Handler and co-handler skills 

- Written and verbal briefing
- Source handling; rapport, welfare, talent spotting, exploitation and re-engagements
- Meetings and Meet Mechanics
- Teamwork and Security
- Fixed Point and Foot Mobile Meetings